Collaboration with Red Tepeni

This project is a collaboration between Red Tepeni, a cooperative of artisan women in Michoacán, and Ireta P’urhépecha that began as a partnership to promote social justice and collaborative mutual aid.

The purpose of the project is to collaborate with artisan women who have been greatly affected this year due to closed markets, drop in sales, resales, and abuses from the market sector. Their source of income has significantly diminished and the livelihood of their families and communities has been affected.

You can support these communities by acquiring traditional P’urhépecha textiles: gabanes, huanengos, and rebozos; or consider making a donation:

For more information please visit:

Community Navigators

The Community Navigator program is within the Community-Based Organization (CBO) Taskforce of the Community Mitigation and Recovery Team of King County. Ireta P’urhepecha group members serve as representatives of their community to communicate key information about COVID-19 resources. We help share and distribute resources to those most affected by the pandemic and related economic and social impacts. In addition, we provide feedback to Public Health – Seattle & King County to build better communication processes to meet community needs.

Swan Creek Park Cleanup

Ireta P’urhépecha collaborated with various local organizations to clean up Swan Creen Park in Tacoma as it is a sacred place to the Puyallup Tribe and source of life to hundreds of species.