P’urhépecha New Year

Fuego Nuevo – Kurhúkueri K’uínchekua

The P’urhépecha New Year is celebrated on February first in a selected P’urhépecha community. Its central element is the Ch’upiri Jimbani (lightening of the new fire), with which we renew our cultural identity. This celebration has its base in the ancestral calendar that our people followed and that coincided with the change in the agricultural cycle. Our main objective is to recover our cultural, social, educational, and artistic values, giving historical clarity and cosmogonical, philosophical, and astronomical basis to our P’urhepecha communities.

Ireta P’urhépecha celebrates this event in Washington as a parallel to the event in Michoacán. We welcome every year people from all over the country from diverse communities who seek to connect with this ancestral ceremony.