Seattle WA. November 12, 2021.

 Chari Sésikua Jimbó,

We, who have come together in these directions on the other side of the border, through this statement we want to inform the community from Tarecuato and Narheni (San Lorenzo) that we are aware of the situation they are going through. In this sense, we want to make it clear that you are not alone, that from here, far away, we will be aware of your mandate, you give us the guide and we will follow in your footsteps.

And you, to the bad governments of Michoacán and of this country called Mexico, tell them to take courage and stop the simulations. What are you waiting for? How many more deaths are required? If you don’t know how to govern, then have the decency not to obstruct the self-determination of our communities, as well as the prompt restoration of our Communal Defense, our own Community Guards. It does not hurt to remind you that you, the political class of the different political parties, have facilitated the proliferation of these criminal entities that are mistreating us in this vile way, it is your job, arrest these villains who act in such a disgusting way against our people, what are you waiting for?!

Jucháari Nándi Kuerhájpiri we ask you with humility for the prompt healing of the hearts that are suffering, Almighty Mother, that you cover our community in Tarecuato, San Lorenzo and other communities with your sacred mantle. To us, your descendants, give us patience and strength, show us the way, give us wisdom to be able to effectively support our fellow men who are going through these unfortunate events. So be it!


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Five men, six boys gunned down in western Mexican state of Michoacan.

Eleven bullet-riddled bodies were found in Michoacán. The victims were from the indigenous Purépecha community of Tarecuato. State prosecutors said late Monday the 11 bodies were found near the town of Tarecuato, in the northern part of Michoacan near the border with the state of Jalisco. The dead ranged in age from 15 to 36. Prosecutors said the murders appear to have occurred late Monday. Authorities collected ballistic evidence at the scene of the crime and seized a pickup truck and three motorcycles.

Tarecuato is not far from the avocado-producing region of Michoacan and is also not far from the town of La Barca, where clandestine mass graves have been found. Michoacan is among Mexico’s half dozen most violent states.

Several violent incidents have occurred in Tarecuato this year, including a Molotov cocktail attack on a community police station and the murder of a local official. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel and local criminal groups operate in the region and have previously clashed.

The region of Tangamandapio had the 15th highest per capita homicide rate among Mexico’s almost 2,500 municipalities between October 2020 and September 2021. The adjoining municipalities of Jacona, Zamora and Tangancícuaro and nearby Cotija had the second, eighth, 11th and fourth highest rates, respectively.

[The Washington Post] 11 killed in western Mexico state of Michoacan

Five men, six boys gunned down in western Mexican state of Michoacan