About us


Ireta P’urhepecha is a community collective focused on preservation of  the P’urhépecha culture and identity. We have come together with the objective of strengthening our ancestral knowledge and traditions. We are committed to  reciprocal relationships with our Native relatives from these lands, as well as establishing solidarity with other non-dominant communities.  Our hope is to establish a strong cultural base for future generations.

Brief History

The collective Ireta P’urhépecha was established in 2008 in Washington State by  members of the P’urhépecha community from Michoacán, Mexico with the intent of preserving P’urhépecha culture and traditions. The collective has gone through various stages. Initially, its founding members identified themselves as “Añoranza P’urhépecha” as a symbol of the longing for the culture left behind. Later on, the collective decided to identify itself as “Orgullo P’urhépecha” or  P’urhépecha Pride. During this time, the collective organized the First P’urhépecha Encounter of the Northwest. The success of the first gathering led to the first event in the Seattle area to celebrate the P’urhépecha New Year, also known as the Fire Renewal ceremony.  This event brought people from many P’urhépecha communities across Washington  and Oregon. Since then, the P’urhépecha New Year has been organized in this area of the pacific Northwest and the event has grown, bringing people from communities in California, Oregon and others. In 2018, the collective made a third transition to its  current name “Ireta P’urhépecha” which roughly translates to P’urhépecha community, as it better represents the P’urhépecha community values. These values are based on the knowledge and ways of our ancestors, in the virtue of communal work, and the support of social justice, environmental justice, and economic justice. 

Our Mission

We are fully committed to collaborate with the local P’urhépecha population, as well as establishing solidarity with a diverse community of allies in minority communities and  other groups of first nations peoples in order to lay the foundation to a solid cultural and reciprocal base. 

Our Objective

We have come together with the objective of recovering our ancestral knowledge and strengthening our roots in order to be able to put them in practice in this transitional territory and therefore establish a strong base of our knowledge for future generations. 

In order to fulfill this objective we organize the following activities through an annual cycle:

  • P’urhépecha New Year  – Kurhíkuaeri K’uínchekua – First weekend of February
  • Community Assembly – Tangurikuaecha – Bimonthly, every other Sunday
  • Reencounter – Ixeperanskua  – Second weekend of August
  • Sweat lodge – Jurhingekua – Bimonthly, every other Sunday
  • Community garden – Tarekua – February through  November following the corn cycle
  • Day of the Dead/ Noche de ánimas  – Ketsitakua  – November 2nd 
  • Offering –  Mindakakua  – Last weekend in November 

*All events coordinated by Ireta P’urhépecha are drug and alcohol free.*