Community Assembly – Tangurikuaecha

The general community assembly is held twice a month and it is open to all the members of the collective. All proposals and decisions are made during this assembly.

Sweat lodge – Jurhingekua

Is held every other Sunday. Please contact us if you are interested on learning more about this practice.

Community garden – Tarekua

Following the corn cycle, we keep a small parcel of land to grown our own food based on our ancestral practices.


We collaborate with various allies and institutions to bring accesible information to our community. Please visit the workshops page to learn about current and coming events.

Annual Events

Kurhikuaeri K’uíchekua

The P’urhépecha New Year is celebrated the first weekend in February. We host an event in Washington parallel to the event in Michoacán.


The Ancestral Encounter, is a yearly retreat to reconnect, create dialogue circles, ancestral ceremonies and update internal agreements.


The traditional P’urhépecha offering for Day of the Dead is celebrate on November 2nd.


Prior to the P’urhépecha New Year evet, we organize a collective cooperation event to raise funds. Our fund raising events have included making and selling tamales, silent auctions of P’urhépecha crafts, and a kermés (small festival) with food vendors, music and dancing.

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